School Visits

School Visits

Our paediatric therapists are able to visit your child in mainstream or special schools provided that consent is obtained from you and the school.

This may be for the purposes of attending a school meeting, providing therapy on site or joint collaboration with its teachers, aides or therapists in achieving goals. These goals may be based on therapy approaches, training or equipment prescription.

Here are some more examples:

  • We may attend school to review the classroom setup to optimise physical functioning and safety.

  • We may advise on appropriate physical handling for your child to achieve a specific goal.

  • We may discuss physical and non-physical progress of your child and provide insight into how best to translate skills into the school environment.

  • We may conduct an assessment for supporting an application for funding.

  • We may assist in an equipment prescription trial to determine suitability of suchequipment in the school environment and its intended use.

  • We may provide a second opinion to the school and develop the capacity of the school and its staff to care for your child and cater to disabilities.

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