Residential Home Visits

Residential Home Visits

For a variety of reasons, it may be that a person with a neurological condition requires the care of a residential facility. Unfortunately, this includes younger people as well.

At Klint, we offer neurological physiotherapy consultations to residential facilities as we believe everyone should be given the opportunity to receive rehabilitation and to improve their function. This might mean learning to stand up with assistance or taking a few steps instead of always relying on a hoist and sling, or maintaining your current level of abilities as you get older.

Neurological physiotherapy is beneficial for positive ageing. We can assist you in improving your balance, strength, coordination, reaction times, walking distance and ultimately your independence. There is some emerging research to suggest that exercise can be protective for the brain from cognitive decline and diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s.

By coming to your residential facility, we reduce the burden on family and carers to take you to our clinics. All our therapists are flexible, creative and well equipped to work within what is available at residential facilities.

As many residential facilities have physiotherapy services, it is recommended that we have a conversation with facility management and therapy services to ensure that we can work together and fulfil any processes that may be involved with visiting you at your facility.

We can also:

  • translating neuroscience theory into therapy

  • rehabilitation of facial palsy

  • functional neurological disorders

  • sensory and motor recovery in
    chronic stroke

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