Home Visits

Home Visits

At Klint we want to make therapy accessible. We ensure that if you can’t make it to one of our clinics you will still receive excellent, goal orientated therapy at the level of intensity that you require. We can also help you set up your home program just the way it should be so you can feel confident you’re doing it exactly the way you should

All of our therapists are flexible, creative and well equipped to carry out your treatment sessions in your home.

Sometimes, it may be important to conduct a home visit for other reasons. This may be to evaluate your home environment to decide on the suitability of equipment we may prescribe, such as walking aids, transfer aids, wheelchairs and seating. We may consult with your occupational therapist on home modifications or equipment you may require to ensure you are safe and supported at home.

Other places where we offer consults:

All our therapists strive to be as flexible as possible. We want to make therapy easy and accessible. For our paediatric and adolescent clients, we offer consultations at schools so that children will not miss out on their classes, or at the local gym or pool.

We can also advocate for you. You can ask us to be present at your health appointments with other health professionals or at a NDIS planning meeting. For further information on NDIS and our services, click here.

For more information and helpful advice, contact us today.

What to expect with a home exercise program

A home exercise program is always individually set by the prescribing physiotherapist to help you build on the components for successful goal achievement without the supervision of the therapist. This means that the frequency, load and type of exercises are determined and will need to be progressed or adjusted as your abilities or needs change. Sometimes you may experience fatigue or aches after exercises – this is usually expected as the muscles fatigue but please inform us if this occurs so we can be certain that they are matched to your abilities appropriately. We also welcome feedback on your progress at home so we can make it more meaningful and useful to your recovery.

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