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Exercise Programs

At Klint we strive to anticipate what you may need, and to set you up to help you achieve your goals sooner.

This can mean that a gym, pool or home exercise program may be suitable for you to do either independently or with the assistance of a carer.

What to expect with a home exercise program

A home exercise program is always individually set by the prescribing physiotherapist to help you build on the components for successful goal achievement without the supervision of the therapist. This means that the frequency, load and type of exercises are determined and will need to be progressed or adjusted as your abilities or needs change. Sometimes you may experience fatigue or aches after exercises – this is usually expected as the muscles fatigue but please inform us if this occurs so we can be certain that they are matched to your abilities appropriately. We also welcome feedback on your progress at home so we can make it more meaningful and useful to your recovery.

What to expect with a gym program

If you already currently attend a gym we are happy to consult at the gym with you to help tailor a program specifically targeted to help you strengthen and retrain areas to help you achieve your goals.

If you are looking at attending a gym but don’t currently have one, we can help locate a suitable gym that will have the equipment, facilities and ease of access you need.

Gym programs typically require 2-3 sessions to set up properly and ensure that the exercises are set at the right level for you. We may also need to spend additional time to help train a carer or conduct periodic reviews to ensure you are progressing toward your chosen goals, or to provide direct services to you in the gym if you would prefer professional guidance.

What to expect with a hydrotherapy program

Hydrotherapy is conducted in a 32-34 degree warm water pool. The different properties of water can often make movement easier, allow people to relax more and potentially achieve their goals faster.

At Klint we often offer hydrotherapy to our clients as an adjunct to land based therapy. For our paediatric and adolescent clients, this is often a great form of therapy to help with normal movement re-learning and exercise therapy. We often recommend an assessment session so that we can tailor an appropriate and worthwhile program for you in the water. We can either create a hydrotherapy program that can be completed independently or with a carer. However, we often regularly have hydrotherapy sessions with our clients in addition to their usual land based therapy sessions.

Most hydrotherapy pools will have wheel chair access with accessible disabled bathrooms. You can enquire with our therapists which hydrotherapy pool may be most suitable for you and if hydrotherapy may be suitable for your condition or goals. All our staff have received training in hydrotherapy and risk management, and are able to assist you in the event of an emergency.

Please also visit our NDIS page on how we can assist you on requesting for gym or hydrotherapy programs in your plan.

For more information and helpful advice, contact us today.

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