Equipment Prescription

Disability Aids

Adults and children with neurological conditions often require additional expertise and more complex solutions to their mobility, transfer and living needs. Getting equipment prescribed and funded requires knowledge, expertise and experience to get this right, as ill-fitting aids and equipment can cause injury and inconvenience.

At Klint, we can help you decide what equipment may best suit your needs.

This is based on:

  • Knowledge of your condition
  • Your life and therapy goals
  • A thorough assessment of your functional ability
  • An understanding of the intended use of the aids, including frequency of use and assistance available for you
  • An understanding or assessment of your home and/or work environment
  • What funding options that may be available to you

Steps we take to help you

  1. Face to face consultation with you
  2. Enquiry and sourcing of the possible equipment from suppliers
  3. Organisation of equipment trial and different configurations (where possible)
  4. Assist in obtaining quotes, and checking them
  5. Complete the relevant prescription documentation
  6. Organisation of delivery and raw fitting of equipment
  7. Follow up and training for attendant care or family on its use
  8. Follow up visit or consultation for additional fitting and adjustments

Klint is an approved registered provider for many insurance bodies and government agencies, including NDIS, TAC, Worksafe and Department of Veteran Affairs. Therefore we are able to prescribe and justify equipment requests under their legislation and processes.

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