Education Placements

Student Placements

As a practice of clinical excellence, Klint attracts international and local physiotherapy students, junior physiotherapists and overseas qualified physiotherapists wishing to pursue further education in neurological rehabilitation.

We offer the following educational services:

  • In-services to your department, organisation or support group

  • Online supervision of undergraduate physiotherapy students

  • Face-to-face clinical supervision consultations with undergraduate physiotherapy students

  • Small group workshops

  • Practical sessions

  • Elective or core neurological physiotherapy clinical placements

  • Observational opportunities

We tailor placements or internships to students, depending on their academic institutions and may be observational or hands-on in nature.

Contact us to enquire further.

1:1 supervisor to student mentorship and patient treatment demonstrations

A steady flow of research articles to support your learning and practice

Generous feedback, analysis and support throughout the placement

Opportunities to complete innovative projects

An initial learning needs identification session

Access to our in-house professional development program, containing both theory and practical components

Depending on the nature of the placement, you may expect:

Here's what some of our past students have to say...


who spent 3 weeks with us:

I’ve really enjoyed the range of patient conditions, the interactions with my supervisors and the patients. The opportunity to see how neuro physio works in private practice was excellent and the atmosphere has been encouraging, positive and helpful in facilitating further learning.

Rosemary - MELBOURNE

who spent 2 weeks with us:

I would tell them to definitely go for it (the placement) because I was able to see many different patient groups that I was otherwise unable to see in my previous hospital placements. Also, the clinical educator is a very knowledgeable and experienced neurological physiotherapist who knows how to properly teach and support students during the placement.


who spent 1 week with us:

All my clinical educators were very friendly and approachable. To increase my learning, the clinical educators talked me through their clinical reasoning as well as the selection of treatments adopted for their patients. The physiotherapy approaches adopted by the practitioners here in Klint Intensive Neuro Therapies are different to what you may have seen in the hospital and/or community setting. If neurological physiotherapy is the career pathway for you, this is one of the placements that you would not want to miss.


who spent 12 weeks with us:

The quality of the treatments I observed and learnt was higher (compared to my hospital placements) because I had one on one supervision, more time per patient and higher demands of the patient towards treatment. It was definitely a good opportunity to enhance my practical neuro skills in a safe environment because I was under constant supervision. The supervisors at Klint take a lot of care in making me understand what they are doing with patients but are also very open to your questions and reasoning. Keep up the good work!


who spent 5 weeks with us:

Expect to be welcomed warmly by a close-knit family at Klint! Their practice is client-centered, compassionate and well informed by current evidence. The quality and the range of treatments I witnessed and took part in were honestly inspirational! From home-visits to hydrotherapy, Klint provided me with an enriched learning environment and an insight into a plethora of neurological conditions. It was such a great experience collaborating with various members of the team who each had their own unique lists of clientele; I feel my voice and reasoning as a physiotherapist is building as a result of these multiple perspectives. Furthermore, Klint has helped affirmed my love for neurological rehabilitation. If you are interested in the field, expect the same.

Imogen - UK

who spent 3 weeks with us:

The teaching was excellent and of a very high quality. You can instantly tell that all the physios have a high level of knowledge in neuro and were able to pass some of that onto myself. I also enjoyed being involved in the PD session where specific subjects were covered which helped in my own learning. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Klint Intensive Neuro Therapies. I have gained such an insight into neuro physiotherapy and many of the conditions that it involves. I now have knowledge of how to approach and treat these patient’s due to observing and learning from highly experienced physiotherapists. Thank you again for having me!


who spent 10 weeks with us:

I felt that Keegan was very in tune with my learning process. He was very gifted at picking out the important bits of what I was saying and put them into practical goals. My experience in this internship was excellent. I feel very fortunate to have found such a great clinical instructor. Keegan was very involved in my learning process and it was a very intense one-on-one experience. It was really nice to be in an intimate learning environment in terms of interaction with the instructor as well as with the patients. Not only were we in their homes, sometimes 2-3 times per week, but each session was completely one-on-one for 45-60 minutes. This type of environment provided an opportunity for a very in depth analysis of each patient on an ongoing basis. I very much enjoyed the analytical process and learning to apply clinical skills to their respective problems. Keegan helped me to fine tune those necessary skills. I was grateful to have had such a pleasant experience in this field of physiotherapy.

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