Important Points To Understand About Autism Spectrum Disorder

Important Points To Understand About Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism physiotherapy is an essential method to give children with Autism Spectrum Disorder a more meaningful and functional life. Their condition should not impede how they move, interact, and survive around their surroundings or environment. Their motor skills have to be trained and developed making it one of the steps to ensure they can fend for themselves with the loving support of their parents and guardians.

With much neurological rehabilitation approach such as Bobath Therapy by the famous physiotherapist, Berta Bobath, ASD can be managed. With proper guidance and regular sessions, the child may see a productive and healthy life. This shall also contribute to less stress to parents and guardians in due time.

First thing’s first, here some tell-tale signs to detect if your child perhaps may have Autism Spectrum Disorder:

Low Muscle Tone

This means the child may need a little bit more effort and strength to do things when trying to move. If there are other kids without ASD, it may be noticed that simple activities such as catching a ball, jumping, skipping, or running may be a little bit challenging for one that has ASD.

Motor Planning Challenges

It may be observed that a child with ASD has poor balance and coordination. Hence, he or she may have a difficult time catching a ball for example. The child may also be falling off balance most of the time when walking, running, or even standing up for a few minutes. This, again, maybe attributed to low muscle tone to hold them upright and provide much-needed stability.

Poor Posture

Because a child with ASD has low muscle tone and weak muscles, they are unable to support themselves for an extended period. This results in slouched and bent posture among many others. Also, they may suffer from sore muscles and muscle strain for being in a poor position most of the time. This may contribute to their added stress and irritability.

Autism Physiotherapy Intervention And Strategies

Here are some strategies that may be lodged to address the effects of Autism Spectrum Disorder

– A pediatric physiotherapist may recommend specific activities that promote muscle strength, improved balance, and endurance. These activities can be done at home with the help and supervision of the parents and/or guardian.

– Sensory feedback strategies may also be incorporated into the session. This is to improve the overall movement and posture of the child.

– It is important for the child to be integrated into the community. ASD should not deter him or her to socialize and gain that feeling of belongingness. As such, it may be recommended to participate in community physical activity programs to enhance the child’s endurance.

More knowledge on Autism Spectrum Disorder

There are more layers to uncover when a child is diagnosed to have Autism Spectrum Disorder. However, if a child has ASD, it’s not the end of the world. There are a good number of physiotherapy strategies that can be implemented to help the child go through the condition. Even better, parents and guardians are also given important ways and tips to handle and manage a child with ASD. For more information, click here. Indeed, autism physiotherapy plays a crucial role and it’s one that has to be further discussed with licensed therapists and professionals.

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