Our Approach

Our Approach

We believe that people with a neurological condition should be able to live an enriched life.

What we’re aiming to achieve

Enrichment comes from enhancing

How we’re going to achieve it

Our Blended Learning Approach

We liken our approach to a modern learning program, pitched at the level that is right for you.

We put you in the front seat and guide you through the parts of the curriculum that you need to know.

Each therapy session is a lesson where interaction, dialogue and treatment exploration are skilfully brought together.

The approach is based on the following 5 elements, used flexibly and iteratively

Active Listening

Each session is one-on-one, which allows our therapist to carefully and confidentially listen to your needs as they change. This sets the direction of the therapy and helps us understand your perspective and how best to address your concerns, desires, fears and ambitions. Without passing judgment, we reflect, clarify and summarise what you express. Together we make sense of the situation and initiate the learning process.

Problem Solving

Every neurological problem, whether it is paralysis, ataxia, tremor, in-coordination, weakness or sensory loss has a scientific solution. But not every solution works with every person, much like you can’t fit a round peg into a square hole. At Klint, we help dissect and decipher the cues, symptoms and signs to help you piece together the puzzle and solve the issue at hand.


Education features strongly in our company culture, and this extends to your therapy. We believe education is a dialogue, where the dynamic of knowledge ebbs and flows between therapist and client. We respect your lived-in experience and use our expert knowledge and skills to help you arrive at the optimal tailored solution. Based in knowledge, proven by action.

Specifically, you can expect that our sessions will:
- Pitch information at the right level for you
- Help you uncover new insights
- Foster curiosity and creativity
- Teach you about self-management
- Equip you with new abilities


Throughout our time together, we help you connect the issues so you can make sense of it – the first step to regaining control. We then share with you valuable resources, support groups and tap into our network of multi-disciplinary contacts to help you.

Depending on what you need, we can curate the right team to include:
- Neurologists
- Orthotists
- Occupational Therapists
- Hand Therapists
- Psychologists
- Neuropsychologists
- Therapy Assistants
- Rehabilitation Engineers and other Equipment Specialists


Good teacher don’t leave students behind. Good therapists don’t leave clients behind either and make the effort to ensure you’re on track. We help you understand where they are in their rehabilitation journey and give you the tools to motivate and realise change.

As part of evaluation, we use photos, videos and other scientifically validated and sensitive outcome measures, to identify areas for improvement and also equally importantly, to show how far you’ve come!

As part of further evaluation, a senior therapist may also join in your sessions to ensure that you are making the right progress as expected, or provide fresh perspective and avenues to explore.

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