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Neurological physiotherapy is the practice of physical therapy that helps people recover and regain movement following brain, spinal cord, vestibular and other nerve related injuries or diseases. Assessment and treatment therefore consider the whole person and how the parts interact, as the nervous system that is affected rarely affects only one part.

There are many distinguishing points but the main one is that we are oriented to help people with significant disability and mobility issues following neurological disease or injury. Unlike other services, we do not rely on purely exercise equipment, but rather also on the skill of observation and analysis to pick out the important parts that need specific treatment to bring about a change. Read more about how we are different

No. As primary contact practitioners, you do not need a referral to see any one of us.

Yes. As registered providers of the NDIS for people aged 7 and above, we are able to provide physiotherapy services for people who are self managed, agency or plan agency managed. We are able to provider paediatric physiotherapy services for 0 to 6 years only if you are self-managed.

Intensive treatment is highly individualised to the person, and treatment may be a time-limited program or for an ongoing period depending on the goal and whether those goals change as improvement occurs. This can be discussed in the initial appointment following an assessment and decision around what may be achievable in a given timeframe.

Our consultations are longer than most, even for our industry. This typically ranges from 45 minutes to 2 hours at a time. This enables us time to truly understand the problems, analyse them and treat the root causes to your movement problem. This time will also provide you with the education and expert opinion you need to take your recovery to the next level.

Yes you can be, and we can bring all the necessary equipment to you as well as part of our mobile service. However, in some cases treatment will be more effective if delivered in the clinic. Please contact us to discuss options and suitability.

If your GP confirms your eligibility, you may receive up to 5 rebates per calendar year towards physiotherapy treatment. Please note that there is generally a gap charge. Contact us to understand more.

You can expect that your concerns and opinions will be heard. By listening to your perspective we gain insight into your problems. This is followed by various forms of assessment which may include photos and videos to demonstrate the problem at hand. This forms part of the detailed analysis and treatment approach, which may be hands-on and include exercise-based components. You can also expect education, advice and a home exercise program. There will also be a discussion of what areas need to be addressed and an overall plan for the future.

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