Neuro Physiotherapy
Services for Adults and Children

Using intensity and specificity, we drive neuroplasticity and help you regain control of your body to move and feel better.

We can make a difference
no matter what age you are

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Young Adults

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Mature Adults

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Klint therapists are not like other therapists.

We receive postgraduate training and have experience in working with a neurologically based clientele. Not only do we understand the neuroscience of recovery, but also the unique challenges people face living with disability or a neurological condition.

Latest Articles

Music therapy helps people with stroke walk better

I began to do a bit of research of my own into the idea of music therapy for people with neurological conditions.

It takes Parkinson’s to Tango

In the field of Parkinson’s therapy, there’s a bit of a mini revolution coming on the past few years around dancing. Finally, therapy get sexy!

The Benefits of Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy is often a popular adjunct to Physiotherapy due to the benefits that water has on the body that land doesn’t offer. But what is Hydrotherapy? Is it the same as water exercises or water aerobics?

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It takes Parkinson’s to Tango